Walls, graffiti and calligraffiti

‘Walls Talk – 55 Italian Walls – 55 Calligraffiti’ is an international project on walls and words. 55 words were requested from 55 people who have a special connection with the Italian language: writers, poets, translators, teachers, artists etc. Their words were then given shape by 55 calligraphers and superimposed on 55 photos of Italian walls. This resulted in a book and an exhibition in Antwerp, Brussels, Rome, Lucca, Alden Biesen and Amersfoort (2015-2019). ‘Walls Talk’ is a project by Joris Wouters in association with Joke van den Brandt (Kalligrafia) and Emiliano Manzillo (Dante Alighieri Anversa), with the support of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

Walls, collages, assemblages

Walls provide the starting point for several projects. Following the exhibitions "3x10 Italian Walls" (2017) and "Doppio sguardo sull’Italia" (2017), in association with Silvio Perrella and Emiliano Manzillo, there was "D’ArTE", an event organised by Dante Alighieri Anversa and Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in April 2019. A new series of collages and assemblages will be exhibited in 2020 under the title "Metanimalia". The theme is the relationship between humans and animals, with a special link to Italy.

Beyond the walls

"Badolato, beyond the walls" is the title of a project focusing on a village in the Italian region of Calabria. Photos and texts were used to sketch a portrait of the extremely varied inhabitants of this village. A story of people, walls and migration. "Badolato, beyond the walls" is a project by Joris Wouters and Jelle Wildiers.